Future Foundations was set up in 2013 by Sharon & Joseph Lewa. The charity supports young people from poor families to provide them access to higher and further education. In Kenya, Secondary and College education must be paid for. Future Foundations offers a platform for growth and prosperity through education. Please scroll down the page to read more about our organisation.

Future Foundations are an Isle of Skye based charity raising funds for Education of poor students in Kenya logo


Joseph Lewa grew up in Sabaki, Kenya and is the first person from his village to go to university. This was due to his uncle sponsoring him to go to secondary school. Joseph had to work at nights, weekends and holidays to get pocket money and also paid some of the school fees as well as to provide for his 6 younger siblings and mum, as his dad passed away in 2002 when he was just 16 years old.

In 2010, Vicki Samuels, Sam Samuels and Sharon Mackenzie visited Rainbow Community Care Orphanage in Kenya where Joseph was working. Vicki & Sam decided to sponsor him to go to Mount Kenya University. In 2012, Joseph graduated with a Diploma in Social Work & Community Development. Joseph now lives in Isle of Skye with his wife Sharon (who he met at Rainbow) and their two daughters Anna & Faith. He works as a Programme Facilitator at Columba 1400, a project which supports young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Sharon is originally from Skye and works as a social worker for NHS Highland. Joseph knows that without the support and faith of his uncle, and Vicki/Sam that his life (and his siblings lives) would be very different. Future Foundations was started in April 2013 to support young people in Joseph’s home town in Sabaki of Kenya.



"I'm Lisa and I was brought up on Skye, where I still live today with my husband and our daughter on our croft where we keep 400 sheep. I have worked as an English teacher at Portree High School since 2010 and I love my job. It lets me see how important it is that young people are encouraged and given opportunities to learn new skills and expand their horizons. That is why I also wanted to be involved in the work that Future Foundations does. What I really love about the charity is knowing that every pound we raise goes directly to Sabaki and supports the young people there with their learning. Every child deserves access to education and the benefits it brings. I often remind my own students about how fortunate they all are to have free education available to them throughout their lives - a great privilege that, sadly, not everyone gets to enjoy."


“I am Nickson Ngumbao from Sabaki, Kenya. I am married and I have two children. I am 35 years old and I was the 7th born in a family of 16 members as my father had 2 wives and had 13 children - only 2 children reached high school including me being one of them. Currently I work as a teacher in a private school called Maboromokoni Junior Academy as well as volunteering for Future Foundations. I started learning at 8 years old, and went to Kibokoni Primary School until class six however I had to drop out of school because my parents could not pay the school fees. I stayed home for a year, and then I was taken to Sabaki Primary School.

In 2005 I completed my class eight level. In 2006 I joined Kibokono Secondary School. When I reached Form 2, I dropped out of school again because of the school fees. In 2008, I was taken to another school, Barani Secondary School to begin Form 1 again. In 2011, I did my final examination (KCSE). When I finished high school, my father told me enough is enough, no more learning. This meant I was to work and help feeding and educating my younger brothers and sisters. In 2012, I went at Malindi Eden Roc Hotel to train in Storekeeping for six months. Then after Eden Roc, I worked as a casual in one site called Mijikenda Residence for three years. In 2015, I was employed by Ital build Import Limited as a Storekeeper. In March 2020, all the staff were suspended until further notice due to Covid. Thankfully, in 2017 while working in Ital, I managed to fund myself to college; Talea Teacher's Training College and I graduated in 2019. I am now planning to go for diploma, God willing.”

Nickson’s determination to gain an education and career is a example of why we work so hard to sponsor young people to go to school or college. Future Foundations is privileged to have Nickson volunteering for us, he is one of two trustees in Kenya who liaises with the young people, their families and educational facilities. We hope in the near future to raise money to pay for both trustees expenses to volunteer every week to maintain & develop our work locally - Future Foundations.



"My name is Julia Rudram. I was born in Lusaka, Zambia when my family emigrated to work in education and at the age of 7, moved to Gaborone, Botswana. I have an older sister and a younger sister (also born in Lusaka.)

When I was 14 we moved back to England but the majority of my childhood upbringing was in Southern Africa, with safari holidays being the norm! I’m not sure what I’m doing in the North West of Scotland in the snow and rain (I’m sure Lewa thinks the same at times!). I have been here over 20 years now so getting more used to it!

Because of this, I have a heart for Africa and am privileged to be able to support Future Foundations as a trustee in financially funding the education of young people in Kenya.

I am married to Pat and have a son, Eden who is now away at University."


"My name is Annie. I've been a trustee of the charity for a couple of years now. I'm a mum of 3 boys. I work for a homeless charity and I'm studying for my social work degree. In Scotland, we really take our education for granted and I was shocked when I found out that secondary education in Kenya wasn't government funded.

I love that Sharon and Lewa are so passionate about creating opportunities for young people in Lewa's community in Malindi. Future Foundations needs support to continue to make a positive difference to the lives of other young people in Kenya".


"I'm Jo, I grew up on Skye and went to school with Sharon but now live south of the border in Sheffield with my hubby and two girls. I love it down here but I miss the mountains and sea! I work for a charity called Safe Families and also run my own wellness coaching business. I love what Future Foundations do to give young people in Kenya a hope and a future - something everyone deserves to have!".


"I come from a family of educationalists who put great store in the emancipatory values of education and of training. I have worked with young people, in education, for the whole of my career. Retired from my position as Head of Drama in a UK High School, I now work with Joseph, helping young people explore their values, grow their confidences, and step into their leadership. I have a daughter who is a student, and a partner, both of whom share my passion for being creative. I have an elderly and very vocal cat called Colin. My hope is that together with the other trustees, and with Future Foundations as an organisation, we can improve the life chances of many young people."


"Hi people, my name is Samuel Chiro born in Kidutani Chonyi within Kilifi South Sub County though currently residing in Malindi, a town in the North coast of Kenya. I am a Husband, Father, Pastor, Counselor, Life coach, Businessman and a Medical Social Worker at Malindi Sub County Hospital. I met Lewa in my university education in Mombasa where he also was studying Sociology and it's here where the idea of a charity was birthed. I have worked as a volunteer of the charity here in Kenya offering my skills and time making sure we recruit and support young persons through their education life."

Future Foundations sponsored student charity providing education to young people in Kenya


Please click the button on this page to send a donation to support the work of Future Foundations. All funds received will be used directly to support young people from poor backgrounds in Kenya into further education and also to provide them with any educational materials they require. Together we can make a difference!


"I take this opportunity to thank Future Foundations for sponsoring me to go high school because if it wasn’t for Future Foundations I don’t know where I could be now. I am now in form two and I'm really working very hard to pass well in all in my exams so that I can achieve my goals and to help myself and my family when I finish my education and get a job."

Mambo - Future Foundation Sponsored student.


Future Foundation sponsored student fundraising charity for Education in Kenya


If you would be interested in supporting the work of Future Foundations, please click to button below to donate to our charity. All donations will be used to pay secondary school fees and college fees for young people.


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Future Foundations are an Isle of Skye based charity raising funds for Education of poor students in Kenya logo
Future Foundations sponsored student charity providing education to young people in Kenya
Future Foundation sponsored student fundraising charity for Education in Kenya
Future Foundations charity Education Kenya logo Fundraising
Future Foundations are an Isle of Skye based charity raising funds for Education of poor students in Kenya logo
Future Foundations sponsored student charity providing education to young people in Kenya
Future Foundation sponsored student fundraising charity for Education in Kenya